“Hiring a nanny to take care of your newborn can be a daunting and nerve-wracking task. Brooke took the same care in screening for potential nannies as seriously as my husband and I did. She asked detailed questions about our wants and needs and presented us with the PERFECT candidate. Brooke’s knowledge of and passion for child care helped us navigate with ease what is a very complicated and emotional situation. I would recommend Brooke and Lexington Nannies VERY highly!”

~Lara Abell

How it Works

1. Registration and Interview Process

At Lexington Nannies and Household Staffing our impeccable service begins with your first phone call. We will guide you through the process of finding your perfect domestic professional. The detailed phone consultation helps us identify the best candidates for your specific job. After our initial conversation, Lexington Nannies and Household Staffing wastes no time. We conduct in-depth interviews to evaluate and find our clients domestic professionals. After our comprehensive interview process, we contact you to discuss the details of the candidates which we feel would be the best match for your family. Once you have chosen the candidates that you want to meet with, we will set up initial interviews at your convenience. After the initial interviews, we suggest a 1or 2 day in-home working interview with the candidate(s) of your choice. This will offer you a way to get better acquainted and to see if the candidate is a good fit for your family.

2. Offer of Employment

Following a successful working interview, you have the option to extend an offer of employment or continue screening for new candidates. Once an offer has been made, Lexington Nannies and Household Staffing will start a series of complete and detailed background checks.

3. Background Checks

Your family’s peace of mind is of the utmost importance to us. We provide superior background checks for all of our domestic professionals before they start working in your home.

Our Enhanced Security Background Check includes:

Criminal History Search Including all Locations Lived in During the Past 7 Years
Auxiliary National Criminal Search Including Records for the Past 7 years
Social Security Number Trace
Department of Motor Vehicles report

4. Replacements:

We pride ourselves on providing the most professional service possible. In the unlikely event that your staff person is not the right fit, we will replace them without any additional cost, within the first three months.

5. Fee Structure:

Our placement fee is 15% of the annual salary of your chosen candidate. If you are looking for a temporary candidate, lasting 1 day-3 months, the fee is 25% of the total paid to the candidate.