“Hiring a nanny to take care of your newborn can be a daunting and nerve-wracking task. Brooke took the same care in screening for potential nannies as seriously as my husband and I did. She asked detailed questions about our wants and needs and presented us with the PERFECT candidate. Brooke’s knowledge of and passion for child-care helped us navigate with ease what is a very complicated and emotional situation. I would recommend Brooke and Lexington Nannies VERY highly!”

~Lara Abell

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do we serve?

The majority of our clients live in Southern California or near San Francisco, but we work with clients all over the United States.

How many applicants can I expect to interview?

We will save you time and energy angst by pre-selecting applicants suitable to meet your family’s individual needs. You can expect to interview from three to four applicants. However, there is no limit to the number of candidates you may interview. Our active and ever increasing applicant pool contains many qualified domestic professionals. It only takes one perfect match!

How long will it take to hire a domestic professional?

The entire process, can take from just a few days to a few weeks from registration to hire. When we receive your registration forms, applicants will typically be presented to you within 72 hours and interviews will be arranged at your convenience.

What are the benefits of using an agency?

The benefits of using an agency are plentiful. Agencies provide the best, safest, and most reliable help. Since we reject over 80% of the candidates that we meet with, we are able to pick out a select few that make it through to meet with our clients.

Who needs domestic help?

Anyone who simply wishes that there were more hours in the day. Many families require full time help to be the main caregiver or simply to be the mom’s right hand. Some families need a nanny just to help out in the afterschool hours with homework, shuttling children to their activities, and maybe even going to the grocery store for a busy family. Often times families hire a housekeeper to help with cleaning, laundry, and ironing. We even have part-time chefs who can come to the home two days a week (8 hours/day) and cook and stock up the house for the week.

How can a personal assistant help me?

A personal assistant is a valuable asset to anyone with a hectic schedule. Some professionals or families need a part-time or full-time assistant to help run their personal life.  Personal assistants can help get the kids off to school in the morning, go grocery shopping, pick up dry cleaning, go shopping for holidays and b-days, walk the dog, plan parties, wait for the cable guy, pay bills, make travel arrangements, and make sure that your life runs smoothly.  Someone who can be your extra hand, when your hands are full.

What qualifications does Lexington Nannies require of their nannies?

Our nannies must speak fluent English, drive and have their own reliable vehicle.  They must be legal to work in the United States and have excellent references. Many of our nannies have college degrees, speak multiple languages, or have a preschool/elementary teaching background. We also require that our nannies have at least three years of prior experience, although many have been professional nannies for several years.

Are your nannies CPR trained?

Yes, since safety is our number one concern all of our nannies are CPR trained before they start working with our families.

How much does it cost to hire a nanny?

That completely depends on what you’re looking for. There is a wide range of salaries offered by our clients. Most families pay between $20-25 per hour.  However, your costs will depend on whether you’re looking for a nanny who can provide additional services, like traveling with your family or tutoring your child in a foreign language, and also on your nanny’s experience and education.

What can I expect to pay other positions?

Housekeeper hourly rates range from $20-25/hour. Salary ranges will vary based on the Housekeeper’s skill set, years of experience and the specifics of the job. Chefs typically get paid between $350-$500 per day, depending on their qualifications, job schedule, and the specifics of the job. Personal Assistants customarily get paid between $800-$1,500 per week, depending on their qualifications, hours worked, and whether there is travel involved.