“The only hard part is that each nanny is so great, you want all of them to come help your family"

~Tracy Settel

Forbes Magazine

Brooke Barousse, owner of Lexington Nannies & Household Staffing in Brentwood, California, reports that many of her work-obsessed clients regularly take their children and a nanny (or two) on work-related trips...

Hollywood Hot Moms

The Celebrity Nanny Matchmaker and confidant Brooke Barose, has placed nannies for some of Hollywood's hottest parents. She has seen everything when it comes to finding the right help for celebrities! With the influx of multiple births and adding to siblings to the family, nannies are the sure way to manage it all!.

Malibu Patch

It's time to grab the kids and the boogie boards, head to the beach and spend hours and hours there. Oh wait—we can't! We have other obligations; many of us with a job. This is where a summer nanny comes into perfect place..

Parent Guide News

In the movie Mary Poppins, Mr. George Banks couldn’t have been more accurate when he declared: “Choosing a nanny for the children is an important and delicate task. It requires insight, balanced judgment and an ability to read character”...

There is no more important choice than that of selecting a person to care for your children when you are cannot be with them. Brooke Barousse founded Lexington Nannies & Household Staffing because she understands not only the gravity of this choice...

Urban Baby

Get the scoop from a real supernanny: Brooke Barousse, a former professional caregiver and founder of Lexington Nannies & Household Staffing, a placement agency in Los Angeles, has some advice. (And no, it doesn’t entail installing a nanny-cam.)...